Called to DEEP Relationship

Today is the first Sunday of Lent. The theme for today is called to deep relationship. In the book of Genesis, we see the rainbow as a sign to God—not us—to never to wipe out creation but to deepen the relationship with it. The gospel of Mark tells the story of Jesus emerging from the baptismal waters and having his identity as God’s beloved bestowed upon him. Our identity as God’s children is a gift, and one we deepen as we develop relationships with God and with our neighbour.

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Reconciliation with Others

This is the final Sunday of our worship theme on reconciliation. The overarching worship theme of this series was “Reconciliation is the centre of our work.” On this final Sunday, we focus on our calling to pursue reconciliation with others. This ministry is grounded in God’s reconciliation with us and our right relationships with ourselves and our environment. Reconciling with others is where the work of building right relationships can get hard. This form of reconciliation demands our vulnerability and truth-telling, our humility, our patience and trust.

One very practical way of thinking about reconciliation with others is by acknow ledging the land upon which we live. We acknowledge that we are gathered for worship on the traditional territories of numerous First Nations, including Cree, Dene (DEN-Ē), Nakota, Saulteaux (SO-TO), and Ojibwe (OJIB-WĒ) and the homeland of the Métis Nation. We are dedicated to ensuring that the spirit of Reconciliation and Treaty 6 is honoured and respected.

May God’s Spirit open our hearts to this work of reconciliation that the world so badly needs.

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