Called to DEEP Living

On this Easter Sunday, our journey takes us to the empty tomb. When crucified Jesus is raised from the dead, he thereby sets in motion a commissioning of his followers to go, show, and tell the world the truth—God is determined to raise up the world, to defeat death, and to conquer evil in order that God’s good intentions for the world might be completely fulfilled. Easter was therefore an occasion for the sending of the disciples forth to live deep lives as a sign of what God is up to, first in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and then in the defeat of evil and death. Living deeply as a follower of the resurrected Christ is to be an ambassador of the resurrection.

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.Called to DEEP Growth

Today is the sixth Sunday of Lent, also known as Palm Sunday. Today, our journey with Jesus takes us to the triumphal entry into Jerusalem. We are called to DEEP hope, but we are not sure who to place our hope in. Is it the unrealistic hope and lofty expectations of the crowds? Is it the misunderstood and confusing hope of the disciples? Is it the hope of the Empire who tells us hope lies in Caesar? How can one hope in a Messiah who rides into Jerusalem on a lowly donkey? As everyone puzzles over who Jesus is, the path he is on will carry him to the garden, a trial, a forsaken hill, and a cold, dark tomb.

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Called to DEEP Growth

It is the fifth Sunday of Lent. Today, we ponder the mystery of growth. Jesus compares our faith with a grain of wheat. For a wheat seed to produce more wheat seed it first must die. Only when it is planted in the earth, receives water and warmth can it germinate, sprout, and grow. Jeremiah could only speak of the new thing God would do only after he preached his people into exile. Spiritual growth is step forward into the unfamiliar. It means giving up something familiar and good and satisfying. It frequently means a parting or separation. For us to grow spiritually, we must respond to God in different ways, depending where we are in our stage of life.

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