Be Transformed by the New World

The current debate about face masks is like a conversation between people living in different worlds! In what world is it good to wear a face mask? When Jesus was raised from the dead a whole new world dawned. To be a Christian is to have had one’s eyes opened to a new reality—God’s new world breaking into this world. Christ expects us to live according to this new reality, living into the world as it is and will be rather than merely conforming to the old and defeated world. In Christ, a new world has come. The apostle Paul urges us to be transformed so that we can live our lives for others as a sacrifice to God.

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Faith in a time of Anxiety

Today was the first Sunday in six months we gathered for in-person worship!

The theme of this worship service focuses on our anxieties and fears associated with the virus pandemic, especially as it relates to getting together for worship. We all have them. They come and they go. What is to be done to keep our anxieties from paralyzing us and robbing us of abundant lives? Christians believe that our faith in God can be a means of relieving our fears. When we are going through dark and difficult times like we are, I’m glad we can still sing (with masks on of course) with the psalmist that God is our “light and salvation” (Psalm 27.1)

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