Reconciliation with Ourselves

This is the second Sunday on the theme, Reconciliation Is the Centre Of Our Work. Today our worship will centre on the gifts and challenges of reconciling with ourselves. We all are complex and contradictory beings, shaped by a mixture of experiences, forces, and possibilities beyond our control. Our outward appearances might cover the inner realities of sadness, shame, and pain. The focus of today’s reconciling work begins with seeing ourselves as God sees us: as beloved daughters and sons who are amazing and contradictory, who have gifts and graces, delusions, temptations, and sins. Reconciliation with ourselves requires us to know who we are, the inner motivations that shape our responses to the people and events around us.

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Reconciliation with God

Starting today, and continuing for a total of four Sundays, we will explore the theme “Reconciliation is the centre of our work,” drawn from Palmer Becker’s book Anabaptist Essentials: Ten Signs of a Unique Christian Faith* This is the book members of the adult education class read and discussed back in 2018.

Each Sunday, we will explore a different sphere of reconciliation:

-reconciliation with God

-reconciliation with ourselves

-reconciliation with creation

-reconciliation with others

Today our theme is reconciliation with God. Sometimes people think the most important question is what we have to do in order to be reconciled to God. When the word is used in the Bible it refers to a dispute resolution such as seeking peace between warring nations, or seeking the reconciliation of an estranged husband and wife (as in 1 Corinthians 7.11). In the Bible God has launched a diplomatic initiative to overcome human alienation and to establish new and peaceful relationships between us and God, with one another, and between us and the rest of creation. An important question for us is not what we must do to be reconciled with God, but rather, do other people experience this reconciling love of God in us?

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* Anabaptist Essentials, ©2017 by Herald Press, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22803

On the Road to Radiance

Today we are on the road to Radiance.  We are celebrating Epiphany, a day when God is revealed as the baby Jesus to the visiting Magi.  Even as the beloved story of the magi is a story full of both fear and joy, so our lives as believers, as followers of Christ, are also full of joy and fear. To be a Christian is to be someone who is on the road toward Jesus. There is fear at the unknowns and the perils of the journey; there is joy with the search as we journey towards the destination God is leading us toward. To be a Christian is to have lives that are characterized by fear and by joy, normal emotions that are part of what it means to follow the radiant star.

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